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Mokhatab, S.

Consultant, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Saeid Mokhatab is a world-class expert in the natural gas processing industry who has worked on the design and operation of several gas processing plants, and has contributed to gas processing technology improvements through 300 technical papers and two well-known handbooks published by Elsevier in the US. He has held technical advisory positions for leading professional journals, societies and conferences in the field of gas processing, and has received a number of international awards in recognition of his outstanding work in the natural gas industry.

HPIn LNG: Balance between interchangeability and heating value

Consultant: Mokhatab, S.

Gas interchangeability is a common issue for natural gas (NG) distribution networks. Interchangeability must be addressed in major gas markets in which gas is supplied from many different sources with..

HPIn LNG: LNG pricing mechanism— old and new

Consultant: Mokhatab, S.

Over the past five years, higher prices for pipeline gas now make liquefied natural gas (LNG) a competitively priced alternative. At the same time, technology costs for LNG have fallen by 30%. In term..

North American natural gas market and infrastructure

Consultant: Mokhatab, S.
David Wood & Associates: Wood, D. A.

The race is on to expand liquefied natural gas capacity to meet growing demand

Model predictive control for liquefied natural gas processing plants

Consultant: Mokhatab, S.  |  Poe, W. A.

Applying this technology will increase your bottom line and improve operations

HPIn LNG: Should New England embrace LNG?

Consultant: Mokhatab, S.

In 1999, gas-fired generation accounted for approximately 16% of New England's total electrical-power consumption. According to ISO New England (the entity responsible for managing this region's gas t..

Energy balances and climate change—hard choices for Asia

Aaditya Energy Foundation: Giri, J. P. N.
Consultant: Mokhatab, S.
David Wood & Associates: Wood, D. A.

Oil and gas industries will play a pivotal role in carbon-emission reduction programs

HPIn LNG: FOUNDATION fieldbus is revolutionizing LNG facilities

Consultant: Mokhatab, S.

The liquefied natural gas (LNG) industry continues to expand and diversify in response to growing demand and market flexibility. The technological improvements and cost reductions achieved throughout ..

Compressed natural gas – Another solution to monetize stranded gas

Chemical Engineering Dept., University of Houston: Economides, M. J.
Consultant: Mokhatab, S.

This technology offers unique advantages for short-distance transportation

Enhance mercury removal from naphtha

Taiyo Techno Service Co., Ltd: Akihisa, N.  |  Ikushima, K.
Consultant: Mokhatab, S.

Improved activated carbon provides adsorption of various mercury species

HPIn LNG: Changing LNG trade within the global gas market

Consultant: Mokhatab, S.

The International Energy Agency's (IEA's) 2006 baseline scenario forecasts that global natural gas (NG) demand will increase by 138% from 2,244 million ton of oil equivalent (Mtoe) in 2003 to 5,349 Mt..

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