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Burger, J.

HRC Fuels, Long Beach, California

John Burger has more than 40 yr of experience working in and for the refining industry. He was part of the ARCO team that invented reformulated gasoline. Burger the President and Founder of Finding the Second Right Answer LLC, a consulting company focused on helping refiners repurpose existing assets more economically. He is the owner of U.S. Patent 11,434,441 B2, “Blended gasoline composition,” which is the foundation of HRC gasoline technology. He is also a co-author of a similar U.S. Patent 10,883,061 B3, “Aviation gasoline compositions.” The author can be reached at John.Burger@hrcfuels.com.

Hydrogen-rich content gasoline: A new concept for paraffinic gasoline reformulation

HRC Fuels: Burger, J.  |  Byrne, D.
Hoekstra Trading LLC: Hoekstra, G.

Several refiners are evaluating a new gasoline-formulation technology called hydrogen (H2)-rich-content (HRC) gasoline. This patented technology uses low-sulfur, H2-rich refinery blendstocks like straight-run gasoline, isomerates, alkylate, butanes and renewable naphtha in gasoline blends, and adds aromatic amines (a high-octane gasoline additive) to make a drop-in specification gasoline.

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