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Alzahrani, A

Saudi Aramco, Abqaiq Plants, Saudi Arabia

is a Mechanical Engineer with 5 yr of field experience in rotating equipment for the oil and gas and HPI industries. He began his career in 2017 at the Saudi Aramco Jubail refinery (SASREF) as a Rotating Equipment Engineer. In 2018, he joined Saudi Aramco as a Reliability Engineer at Abqaiq Plants. His area of expertise is focused on centrifugal pumps, equipment upgrades and replacement, unreliability events investigations, and implementation of the latest maintenance technologies and best practices. Mr. Abdulaziz is a Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional by SMRP as well as a Certified Machinery Lubrication Analyst Level I (MLA I) by ICML. He has acquired an Associate Engineer degree from the Saudi Council of Engineers (SCE). The author can be reached at abdulaziz.alzahrani.31@aramco.com.

A new era of turbomachinery reverse engineering

Saudi Aramco: Alzahrani, A

Engineering is all about solving problems with efficient solutions by designing and building various technologies and techniques.

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