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Kittur, A.

Saudi Aramco, Ras Tanura, Saudi Arabia

Aslam Kittur is a mechanical engineer with expertise in troubleshooting integrity issues related to refinery static equipment. Kittur is the Static Equipment Engineer for the Technical Services Division of Saudi Aramco, and has more than 23 yr of experience in the energy industry (upstream, offshore and downstream), specializing in performing stress analysis to understand the complex failure mechanisms of critical equipment. He focuses on establishing root causes for repetitive failures and developing solutions to ensure a reliable design for all operating conditions. Kittur earned an MS degree in solid mechanics and employs FEM-based structural and thermal simulations often required for a Level-III API-579 Fitness-For-Service Evaluation. Before joining Saudi Aramco, he served in a similar role in Canadian oil sands facilities for 10 yr.

Critical considerations for retrofit designing a platformer reactor’s partial bypass piping in a NHT plant

Saudi Aramco: Kittur, A.

The naphtha hydrotreater/continuous catalyst regeneration (NHT/CCR) platformer produces reformate to be utilized as a blending stock in the gasoline pool (FIG. 1).

A finite element method analysis revealing the structural behavior of load bearing brackets

Saudi Aramco: Kittur, A.

The hydrogen (H<sub>2</sub>) generation unit (HGU) manufactures H2 by steam reforming propane and butane.

Finite element method-based evaluation of a vessel bottom outlet strainer of an MRU

Saudi Aramco: Kittur, A.

A mercury absorber vessel is designed to remove mercury from a light naphtha stream.

Pressure swing adsorption vessels fatigue analysis

Saudi Aramco: Kittur, A.

The hydrogen (H<sub>2</sub>) plant in a refinery produces high-purity (99.9+ vol%) H<sub>2</sub> products using a licensed pressure swing adsorption (PSA) purification process to fulfill the H<sub>2</sub> makeup needs of refinery hydroprocessing facilities.

Establish the maximum allowable pressure drop across the catalyst bed structure in a hydrocracker

Saudi Aramco: Kittur, A.

The reaction section of a hydrocracker unit has three reactors configured in two stages.

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