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February 2023


Special Focus: Digital Technologies

How digitalization is turning data into value in the heart of the refinery: FCC catalysts
BASF: Gim, S.  |  Chen, A.

Digitalization has impacted the world of refining for the past several decades.

Contextualize. Analyze. Optimize. Operationalize.
Seeq Corporation: Buenemann, A.

Uncertainty in global hydrocarbon markets has led to the tightening of belts on capital expenditures while new capacity comes online, driving prices lower and pinching profit margins.

Efficient facilities embrace control system predictive maintenance
Emerson: Golder, N.

Hydrocarbon facilities are operating differently and managing more pressures than they did just 5 yr–10 yr ago.

A scalable mechanical integrity program to accelerate the energy transition—Mobile, visual and dynamic
GE Digital: Nair, V.  |  Vijayaraghavan, R.

As asset integrity and reliability managers, risk-based inspection (RBI) and corrosion analysts, and inspectors and contract inspection firms across asset-intensive industries look to optimize their mechanical integrity programs, there is a paradigm shift to implement a comprehensive, scalable and sustainable fixed-equipment reliability program to meet increasing reliability demands.

Process Optimization

The production and maintenance KPIs modern process plants should use to measure success

Modern petrochemical processing facilities are blessed with overwhelming quantities of data, given the digital transformation taking place throughout the manufacturing industries.

Heat Transfer

Fouling monitoring and prediction of heat exchangers via simulations powered by AI-driven models

Hydrocracker units are the most valuable conversion facilities in refineries. The outcome is the conversion of a variety of feedstocks to a range of products—the units that produce those products can be found at various points throughout a refinery.

Key considerations for the optimum design of a hot oil system
Bechtel India Pvt Ltd.: Singh, R. B.  |  Maheshwari, G.  |  Goel, A.

In the hydrocarbon processing industry, where direct heating is not possible, a heat transfer medium is used. Steam has traditionally been the preferred heating medium.

Maintenance and Reliability

Finite element method-based evaluation of a vessel bottom outlet strainer of an MRU
Saudi Aramco: Kittur, A.

A mercury absorber vessel is designed to remove mercury from a light naphtha stream.


Editorial Comment: Adopting digital technologies is not new to the HPI
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Nichols, Lee

Incorporating digital technologies into refining and petrochemical operations is not new to the hydrocarbon processing industry (HPI).

Business Trends: Tier 3 gasoline production: Challenges and opportunities for refiners
Petrobras: Da Silva, M. W.
Hoekstra Trading: Hoekstra, G.
Valuation Risk & Strategy LLC: Murphy, T.

One of the biggest challenges to the crude oil refining industry over the past decades is the development of technologies capable of reducing the environmental impact of crude oil derivatives, while also raising their performance.

Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Rhodes, Mike

Endress+Hauser’s newly developed iTEMP TMT31 temperature transmitter (FIG. 1) for analog 4-20mA signals is characterized by its long-term stability, high accuracy and ease of use for reliable temperature measurement.

Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Rhodes, Mike

Process Service Specialists names Russell Gaudin as Vice President of sales and marketing

Digital Feature

Highlights of API 685 3rd Edition, Sealless Pumps—Part 3

API 685, “Sealless Centrifugal Pumps for Petroleum, Petrochemical and Gas Industry Process Service,” has been updated to the 3rd Ed. and was published in July 2022. It addresses both magnetic drive pumps (MDPs) and canned motor pumps (CMPs). This work (Part 3) focuses exclusively on secondary containment/secondary control, along with associated instrumentation requirements.