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Aglave, R.

Siemens PLM Software, Houston, Texas

Ravindra Aglave is the Director for Energy and Process Industries in the Simulation and Test (STS) subsegment of Siemens PLM Software. In this role, he is responsible for bringing new modeling and physics knowledge into CFD simulation code that can be deployed in the industry.

Business Trends

Siemens PLM Software: Aglave, R.
Porter McGuffie Inc.: Defilippo, A.  |  Mcguffie, S.

It is never a good sign when a piece of equipment exhibits unsafe behaviors—such as large, unexpected vibrations, or cracks forming around instrument ports—particularly in the thermal reactor of a sulfur plant, where high-temperature gaseous streams chemically react as part of the process that produces elemental sulfur.

CFD simulation in chemical reaction engineering

Siemens PLM Software: Aglave, R.  |  Eppinger, T.

Reaction engineering is a branch of chemical engineering that deals with the design and optimization of chemical reactors.

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