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Zhang, J.

Sinopec (Beijing) Research Institute of Chemical Industry, Beijing, China

Jing-Sheng Zhang is a Senior Engineer at the Sinopec (Beijing) Research Institute of Chemical Industry, where he is engaged in the comprehensive utilization of refinery dry gases. He earned a BS degree in chemical engineering and technology from the China University of Petroleum. He also earned a PhD in chemical engineering from the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Research and application of proprietary cold oil absorption technology in the recovery of refinery dry gases

Sinopec (Beijing) Research Institute of Chemical Industry: Li, D.  |  Zhang, J.  |  Liu, Z.  |  Guo, L.  |  Hou, Z.  |  Hsu, R.

With the increasing shortage of global energy and resources, the recovery and utilization of refinery dry gases have become important topics of concern.

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