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Lee, S. H.

SK Energy, Seoul, South Korea

Se-Ho Lee is a stationary equipment engineer with SK Energy at the Ulsan complex in South Korea. He has more than four years of petrochemical industry experience, specializing in pressure vessel and flange leak troubleshooting and maintenance. He is credited with major roles and involvement in the development of standard specifications and maintenance procedures of stationary equipment. He graduated with a BS degree in mechanical engineering from Inha University in South Korea.

Application of ring-type joint gaskets in a refinery

SK Energy: Lee, S.  |  Lee, S. H.  |  Jeon, S.
SK Innovation Co. Ltd.: Jang, T. Y.

In refineries and petrochemical plants, ring-type joint (RTJ) flanges have been applied to high-pressure processes or sensitive areas that are susceptible to leaks.

Determine the standard hoop density of spiral-wound gaskets on flanges

SK Energy: Lee, S. H.  |  Lee, S.  |  Jeon, S.

The use of spiral-wound gaskets on flanges has resulted in good sealing performance. However, most gaskets do not perform well when the flange is improperly installed.

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