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Golczynski, S.

Technip Energies, Houston, Texas

Scott Golczynski is the Manager of R&D for FCC technology at Technip Energies. He has more than 19 yr of experience in the petrochemical industry and specializes in the design of FCCUs. His experience includes front-end process engineering, pilot plant operations, process control and computational fluid dynamic simulations. Golczynski has led the process engineering efforts on several grassroots FCCUs and revamp projects. His primary responsibility at Technip Energies is leading R&D efforts to improve or develop new FCC technologies, utilizing his experience in reactor scale-up from pilot plant and cold flow experimental data. Golczynski earned a BS degree in chemical engineering from the University of Texas at Austin.

Tackle operational challenges with FCC coprocessing applications

BASF: Vincent, G.  |  Riva, S.
Axens: Barrios, F.  |  Dubois, F.
Technip Energies: Golczynski, S.

Refiners are actively developing new solutions to decarbonize their finished products—such as transportation fuels or commodity chemicals—as part of the energy transition. As a result, refiners are now exploring the co-feeding of alternative feedstocks, including renewable and recyclable crude oils, as a means of lowering the carbon footprint of their products.

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