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HxGN LIVE Global 2023: Optimization at scale

The HxGN LIVE Global 2023 conference is underway June 12-15, 2023, at the new Caesars Forum convention center in Las Vegas. More than 3,600 attendees from some 70 countries are attending the digital reality technology conference, where they can experience the autonomous future, explore and discuss a broad range of challenges and opportunities common across many industries, as well as learn about the latest technologies shaping the future. With industry-specific summit sessions, HxGN LIVE Global 2023 offers motivational leadership discussions, vital networking and advanced technology training targeted for each business.

Industries represented include Agriculture, Asset Lifecycle Intelligence (formerly PPM), Autonomy & Positioning, Geosystems, Manufacturing Intelligence, Mining, and Safety, Infrastructure & Geospatial. Also featured at the conference is The Zone, where technology comes to life and where the future of digital reality becomes something you can see, hear and touch. There are nine summit-based sections at The Zone, each with its own story to tell about the future of industry.

In an opening address on Monday night, Paolo Guglielmini, CEO of Hexagon AB, welcomed the attendees and set the tone for the week. The company is empowering an autonomous, sustainable future to improve our climate and protect our cities, making fossil fuels cleaner, mining safer, manufacturing more efficient, buildings smarter and the future brighter with a focus on sustainability.

“I joined Hexagon for three reasons,” he said. “The first is the vision. I thought that the vision laid out by our leadership team was powerful. The idea that we will have digitized everything. We want to build digital twins of anything: from small components, all the way to entire assemblies, industrial facilities and cities. This is the beginning of building a better version of those assets - going with combined software, algorithms, visualization and data orchestration with those digital twins begins the journey toward more quality, more productivity, more competitiveness.” 

Another reason for his interest in the group was that it was built around people rather than process, and creating value rather than creating ego. “The last thing that comes to mind: the customers are amazing,” he said. “The opportunity to work across all of these industries with true leaders was something very unique.”

Guglielmini then welcomed several guests from different partner companies to share their optimism and perspectives of the innovations ahead.

Hexagon’s Chief Technology officer Burkhard Boeckem kicked off Day 2 of HxGN Live Global – Innovation Day – with a message for every innovator: the time to innovate is right here, right now. He asserts that complex “industrial” technologies should be held to the same standards we expect of consumer-centric technologies. They should be intelligent, intuitive, efficient and inspiring.

“At the heart of our innovation thinking is the belief that industrial technologies should be as human-centric as consumer technologies,” Boeckam said. “So, what does Hexagon do? We are building AI, creating an industrial metaverse, advancing spatial computing, we are active in our markets, and we believe in sustainability.”

Boeckem unveiled some of Hexagon’s most exciting innovations, and explained how their entire innovation strategy is focused on the customer and user experience, regardless of industry or application.

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