Brazil climate pledge questioned after ethanol snub

Biofuel and climate experts have questioned Brazil's commitment to a plan to cut carbon emissions by raising ethanol use after the country's government this week said it planned to scrap a tax break on the biofuel.

Enerkem's Edmonton biofuel facility obtains ISCC certification

Enerkem Inc. obtained certification from the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification system for the biomethanol production of its Enerkem Alberta Biofuels full-scale facility in Edmonton, Canada.

Technip, BTG to build pyrolysis plants for biomass-to-oil production

Technip signed an exclusive cooperation agreement with BTG BioLiquids to provide EPC services for its modular pyrolysis plants.

US EPA has not completed required review of biofuel mandate

The US Environmental Protection Agency has not complied with federal requirements to study the effects of the nation's biofuel use mandate.

Shell CEO warns on hasty renewables shift

Major investors, including Dutch pension fund PGGM, have criticized Shell's climate change policy in recent months, saying it should do more to mitigate climate change risks.

EPA’s biofuel plan frustrates US refiners, farmers

The increase did not go far enough for the farm lobby and biofuels companies like Poet LLC, which have spent millions to produce advanced biofuels. Meanwhile, oil industry advocates, who have criticized previous targets as unrealistic, renewed calls for an overhaul of the program.

Primus, Tauber Oil sign US methanol offtake deal

Tauber Oil will offtake all methanol produced by the Primus Green Energy plant -- utilizing low-cost Marcellus gas feedstock -- to market, sell and distribute into the regional market.

Argentina’s ethanol producers prepare to boost output by up to 60%

In April, the government raised the amount of ethanol used by motorists by 2 percentage points to 12%. The move boosted the country's sugar industry, which has been battered by low prices.

REG expands Illinois biorefinery’s logistics system

REG Danville recently purchased the tank complex at the adjacent Bunge Milling facility for $1.5 million. The tanks are being connected to REG Danville’s existing infrastructure and will increase the biorefinery’s storage capacity for feedstock by at least 950,000 gal and biodiesel by up to 12 million gal.

Catalytic coprocessing of used cooking oil with straight-run gasoil in a hydrotreating pilot plant

A promising route to obtain bio-gasoil (bioGO) or hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) is the catalytic coprocessing of vegetable oil with diesel oil in a conventional hydrotreating unit.