Carbon Management

Business Trends: Anticipated market and pricing impacts from new marine fuel regulations

Tallett, M., Witmer, T., Dunbar, D., EnSys Energy; St. Amand, D., Navigistics Consulting

In October 2016, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) announced that it will implement a new regulation that calls for the sulfur content in marine fuels to be reduced from 3.5% to 0.5%. The new regulation will go into effect in January 2020. This action by the IMO will have a profound impact on the maritime and refining industries worldwide, as well as on the environment. This month’s Business Trends section provides an overview on the anticipated impacts of the IMO’s decision on petroleum product markets.

Mitigate CO2 emissions from industrial plants by conversion to fuels

An economical commercial process is necessary to provide an incentive for the utility industries to engender win-win support for government regulations on carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

Editorial Comment: The future of refining lies in clean fuels

Nichols, L., Hydrocarbon Processing

Each year, Hydrocarbon Processing devotes an issue to the topic of clean fuels—and rightly so. As the world continues to welcome more vehicles on the road, and as emerging economies invest in civil, industrial and energy projects, global fuels demand is forecast to increase through the end of the decade.

US Energy Department offers $2B loan to Lake Charles Methanol

WASHINGTON — The US Department of Energy offered a conditional commitment to guarantee loans of up to $2 billion to Lake Charles Methanol, LLC to construct the world’s first methanol production facility to employ carbon capture technology in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Praxair starts up carbon dioxide plant in Northeastern US

DANBURY, Conn., – Praxair, Inc. announced that it has started up its carbon dioxide purification and liquefaction plant at Delaware City Refining Company’s facility in Delaware City, Delaware. The 450-ton-per-day plant is producing food and beverage quality liquid carbon dioxide for distribution to the Northeastern US merchant market.

EU lawmakers postpone vote on carbon market reform until Dec. 15

BRUSSELS (Reuters) -- A vote by European lawmakers on an overhaul of the EU's Emissions Trading System (ETS) will be postponed until Dec. 15 because major parties remain divided over how far the reforms should go, EU sources said on Monday.

Canada's 'chemical valley' city looks to lure green investment

Sarnia, Ontario, home to dozens of Canada's refineries and chemical plants, is lobbying hard to lure a biotech plant to the city as the local petrochemical-powered economy braces for the impact of a provincial carbon-pricing scheme.

Carbon Engineering, Greyrock Energy to develop commercial air-to-fuels systems

Carbon Engineering and Greyrock Energy will partner to develop commercial air-to-fuels systems, converting ambient CO2 and renewable power into clean, liquid transportation fuels that can be used in the existing transportation infrastructure.

ION Engineering starts carbon capture testing at Technology Centre Mongstad

ION Engineering started its test campaign with further testing of its advanced CO2 capture process at Technology Centre Mongstad, located at Statoil's Mongstad refinery in western Norway.

First fully commercial CCSU plant launches capturing CO2 at $30/ton

Carbon Clean Solutions Ltd. has launched a new project that will see more than 60 MMt of CO2 captured from the 10 megawatt coal-fired power station based near Chennai, India.