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Egypt needs to import $1.18 B in fuel, natural gas to end power cuts

Egypt needs to import around $1.18 B worth of mazut fuel oil and natural gas to end persistent power cuts exacerbated by consecutive heat waves.

Nigeria's Dangote Refinery accuses oil majors of blocking local crude purchase

An executive of the Dangote Refinery said on Sunday oil majors were blocking its access to locally produced crude oil by selling it above market price or claiming it was unavailable, forcing the company to rely on expensive imports.

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Nigeria's Dangote owes $2.7 B for refinery construction

Nigerian billionaire Aliko Dangote says his petroleum refinery on the outskirts of Lagos owes $2.7 B in loans taken out to help build the 650,000-bpd plant.

Red Sea ships attacks push 47% more crude oil, fuels, refined products around Africa

Global crude oil and oil products shipments taking the long route between Asia, the Middle East and the West are up 47% since attacks began on vessels using the shorter Red Sea route.

Guinea signs alumina refinery deal with Emirates Global Aluminium subsidiary

Guinea has signed a non-binding agreement with a subsidiary of Emirates Global Aluminium for the construction of a major alumina refinery, the second one in the country.

Egyptian fertilizer plants shut down temporarily due to gas supply pressures

Gas supplies will gradually resume flowing as of Thursday to fertilizer factories in Egypt after several chemical and fertilizer companies shut down plants on a temporary basis.

Consortium signs MoU for the development of a green methanol facility in Egypt

AD Ports Group, Transmar and Orascom Construction have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the development of a green methanol storage and export facility in Egypt.

Goldman Sachs: Global LNG market to grow by 50% by 2029

Growth in oil investment shows signs of peaking in non-OPEC countries, while investment in liquified natural gas (LNG) is expected to increase more than 50% by 2029, according to Goldman Sachs Research.

U.S. Gulf Coast imports of straight-run fuel oil at record as global supply jumps

Imports of straight-run fuel oil (SRFO) to the U.S Gulf Coast were set to climb to record levels this month as Mideast and African suppliers ramped up exports and U.S. refiners scrambled for heavy feedstocks.