Catalytic advances make chemical upgrading a reality for heavy sour feeds

For many years, industry researchers have worked to find more cost-effective alternative processes than traditional hydroprocessing for upgrading petroleum fractions.

Catalyst replacement strategy for a hydrocracking unit at a Middle East refinery

A Saudi Aramco refinery operates a series-flow, single-stage hydrocracking unit (HU) in a recycle high-conversion mode. The HU has been in operation for over 35 years and is being debottlenecked to increase its throughput by 20%.

WR Grace to acquire global polyolefin catalyts business from BASF

BASF’s polyolefin catalysts business includes its LYNX high-activity PE catalyst technologies that are utilized commercially in slurry processes for the production of high-density PE resins.

Strategic assessment of the Iranian petrochemical industry

The recent agreement between Iran and the international community represents clear opportunities and challenges for petrochemical producers.


Blume, Adrienne, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

In a market with reduced capital investment budgets, revamps and upgrades are becoming increasingly prevalent to extend asset service life.

Build a solid GHG BACT cost-effectiveness calculation to avoid CCS costs

Crum, R., AECOM

Determining which technology constitutes greenhouse gas (GHG) best available control technology (BACT) for a new or modified facility often hinges on the GHG BACT cost calculation.

Major accident and failure of stationary equipment in the RFCCU

Seok, W., Lee, S., SK Energy

The four case studies cover component failures and multiple types of leakage: valve packing, expansion joint and corrosion.

Remove O2 and CO from monomer and N2 streams in polymer plants

Smith, D., UOP, a Honeywell company

To prevent deactivation, the latest generation of polymerization catalysts requires removal of a wide range of contaminants to ultra-low levels in the monomer, comonomer, solvent and reaction-controlling gas streams in polyolefin production processes.

NOx, NOx, who’s there—steam cracker or SMR?

Kunz, R. G., RGK Environmental Consulting, LLC

This article addresses the generation of thermal NOx in the furnace of each process, NOx abatement by SCR, and premature degradation of SCR catalyst by chromium species in the flue gas.

Aggreko awarded US patent for ‘catalyst cooling’ process in refining

The patented solution, developed by Aggreko Process Services (APS) team, focuses on last phase catalyst cooling and uses a combination of heat exchangers, chillers and pumps.