Next battleground: An aging Great Lakes pipeline stirs new protest

CALGARY, Alberta (Reuters) -- The growing protest movement against US oil and gas pipelines has so far focused on stopping or delaying new construction, with some high-profile successes.

Judge says Exxon owes $19.95 MM for Texas refinery pollution

(Reuters) -- A federal judge ruled on Wednesday that ExxonMobil Corp should pay a $19.95 MM penalty for pollution from its Baytown, Texas, refining and chemical plant complex between 2005 and 2013.

Britain loses case to delay submission of air pollution plan

LONDON (Reuters) -- The British government has failed in a legal bid to delay the publication of its plan to tackle air pollution until after the general election on June 8.

State prosecutors urge Trump not to withdraw from Paris accord

NEW YORK (Reuters) -- More than a dozen state prosecutors urged President Donald Trump in a letter on Tuesday not to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement, which commits the United States, along with 200 other countries, to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions in an attempt to slow global warming.

Is the O&G industry becoming more ‘green’?

Smith, Ashley, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

While the term “environmentally conscious” doesn’t spring forth images of the oil and gas industry, the fact is, the industry is consistently implementing new ways to reduce its carbon footprint, integrating new fuels into its business and updating its refineries with newer, environmentally friendly technology.

China to boost non-fossil fuel use to 20% by 2030

BEIJING (Reuters) -- China aims for non-fossil fuels to account for about 20% of total energy consumption by 2030, increasing to more than half of demand by 2050, its state planner said on Tuesday, as Beijing continues its years-long shift away from coal power.

Trump to set new executive orders on environment, energy this week

WASHINGTON (Reuters) -- US President Donald Trump this week will sign new executive orders before he completes his first 100 days in office, including two on energy and the environment, which would make it easier for the United States to develop energy on and offshore, a White House official said on Sunday.

Trump's EPA to reconsider oil and gas emissions rule

WASHINGTON (Reuters) -- The US Environmental Protection Agency will reconsider a rule on greenhouse gas emissions from oil and gas operations and delay its compliance date, the agency said on Wednesday in the Trump administration's latest move to reduce regulations.

White House meeting on Paris climate deal postponed

WASHINGTON (Reuters) -- A White House meeting that was to help determine whether the United States should withdraw from the Paris climate accord has been postponed, an administration official said on Tuesday.

ClearSign secures follow-on order from California refinery

SEATTLE -- ClearSign Combustion Corporation, a provider of industrial combustion technologies that help to reduce emissions and improve efficiency, announced that it has secured a follow-on commercial order from a California-based refinery following Duplex technology's pilot with the company late last year.