Implement a competency management system for process safety

Baybutt, P., Primatech, Inc.

Managing the competency of company personnel is a critical aspect of process safety.

Teaching an old plant new tricks: The rise of the methanol plant revamp

Stanbridge, S., Jacobs Consultancy

The last time we saw such marked activity in the methanol industry was back in the 1990s and early 2000s, when methanol production in North America plummeted by almost two-thirds.


Rhodes, Michael, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

Dr. Alexander Horch has been named as the new head of development at HIMA Paul Hildebrandt GmbH.

Engineering Case Histories: Case 91: Helping those interested in a technical career

Sofronas, T., Consulting Engineer

As engineers and managers, we are often approached by parents or friends interested in a technical career for their children or others.

Reliability: Machinery quality assessment on twin-screw compressors

Bloch, H. P., Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

Machinery quality assessment (MQA) is similar to bid conditioning, and both relate to structured efforts.

Reliability: Overcome biases and challenges facing industry

Bloch, H. P., Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

When asked about the challenges facing the hydrocarbon processing industry (HPI), our answer was swift and direct: The trials we face are bundled, or can be found, in lessons some of us learned decades ago. However, lessons learned and explained decades ago were often disregarded by managers with a short-range focus.

Catalyst replacement strategy for a hydrocracking unit at a Middle East refinery

A Saudi Aramco refinery operates a series-flow, single-stage hydrocracking unit (HU) in a recycle high-conversion mode. The HU has been in operation for over 35 years and is being debottlenecked to increase its throughput by 20%.

Utilize an optimizer to blend gasoline directly to ships

Scriven, W., Martin, A., Seiver, D. S., Valero Energy Corp.

A new control system and single-blend optimization system make it possible to blend gasoline directly into tanker ships for delivery, rather than only into tanks, thereby saving millions in capital and reducing product giveaway.


Rhodes, Michael, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

Amec Foster Wheeler Plc named Halliburton executive Dr. Jonathan Lewis as chief executive officer (CEO), effective June 1.

Reduce revamp costs with appropriate 3D laser scanning strategies

Wong, S., Lowery, R., Kou, C., Fluor Corp.

The traditional approach for collecting plant as-built data commonly used for the revamp and retrofit of existing facilities, as well as for plant maintenance and operation, includes manually collecting the data and reviewing existing plot plans, elevation drawings, systems isometrics, or other 2D CAD drawings.