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Distributed Control System

Valmet announces upgrade to D3 distributed control system

Using Valmet’s D3 distributed control system (DCS) automation platform, industrial processors can now integrate numerous reliability and performance enhancements in the first significant update following its acquisition from NovaTech Automation last year.

Aspentech announces new and expanded capabilities in latest version of aspenONE

Aspen Technology, Inc. introduced new and expanded capabilities now available in aspenONE®, helping customers achieve new levels of operational excellence with expanded Industrial AI throughout the portfolio, additional integration of industrial data management across solutions, and advancements in planning and scheduling capabilities.

Digital transformation shapes the oil and gas industry: Achieving unparalleled growth and operational efficiency

KBC, a Yokogawa Company: Gardner, J.  |  Fitzsimmons, S.

The oil and gas industry is facing numerous challenges that are impacting its profitability and future growth.

Improve energy efficiency of assets

Cloud for industries: Why the time is now?

Industrial AI for guided diagnosis of KPI deviations in production operations

Control primary properties online in polyethylene and polypropylene rectors by using functional correlations

Polyolefins Technology Consultant: Divey, J. D.

Polyolefins products such as high-density polyethylene (HDPE), linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE), low-density polyethylene (LDPE) and polypropylene (PP) form approximately 65%–70% of all polymers manufactured globally.

Digital Feature: Building Industrial Confidence

In this article, we introduce the concept of Whole Person Competence Development (WPCD) and its significance in building a competent and fully enabled workforce. By adopting a holistic approach to employee development, organizations can foster deeper levels of engagement, satisfaction, and personalization across their workforce. The WPCD emphasizes the importance of engaging and leveraging a person's entire being so that they can bring the best of who they are to everything they do. 

Digital Feature: So you’ve rolled out new software. How do you make it stick?

It is a great feeling when a software project ends – the system is installed, the users are trained and adoption seems to be trending up. Everyone is happy and among the project champions and implementers, there are high-fives all around. Cut to nine months later; the team is being trained in some new process, and the solution that was implemented all those months ago has lost the buzz that it had when it was new – and worse, usage of the system, which was good initially, seems to be trending down. This is a common situation, and as vendors of enterprise software solutions, we here at Hexagon may see it more than most. So, what do companies do? What works?

Digital Feature: Day in the life of-Part 1

Here at Hexagon, we have engineers and product developers with lots of real-world experience. We know our customers want software and services that will directly make improvements in operational performance. But how do you evaluate the often confusing and nebulous claims made in product brochures? Today we look into the work done in a typical day by a unit production engineer and a site control systems engineer. 

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