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Stockle, M.

Foster Wheeler, Reading, Berkshire, UK

What are the future fungible transportation fuels?

Foster Wheeler, Reading: Stockle, M.

Alternatives hold promises to decrease dependence on crude oil, but they also uncover other challenges in distribution and engine use

Dealing with dieselization

Foster Wheeler, Reading: Knight, T.  |  Stockle, M.

Several processing options can provide cost-effective ways to maximize diesel make and limit gasoline production

Integrate refinery carbon dioxide reduction plans plant-wide

Foster Wheeler Energy Ltd.: Bullen, T.
Foster Wheeler, Reading: Stockle, M.

Carbon capture and reduction schemes or combination of various processes have economic value and depend on many factors

Biofuels are coming—How will this affect refiners?

Foster Wheeler, Reading: Stockle, M.

Changing blending and product demands will require significant adjustments by refiners

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