Shahani, G.

ShureLine Construction, Kenton, Delaware

Goutam Shahani is Vice President of sales and marketing at ShureLine Construction. Previously, he was Business Development Manager at Linde Engineering North America. Mr. Shahani has more than 30 yr of industry experience and specializes in industrial gases for the energy, refining and chemical industries. He holds BS and MS degrees in chemical engineering, and an MBA.

Management: Active career management

Shahani, G., McDermott, J., ShureLine Construction

A career involves a series of decisions and experiences that improve a person’s knowledge, competencies and personal fulfillment.

Construction—The cornerstone of a successful project

Rentschler, C., Engineering Consultant; Shahani, G., ShureLine Construction

Construction is essentially a cyclical business.

Modularization: The key to success in today’s market

Rentschler, C., Engineering Consultant; Mulrooney, M., Shahani, G., ShureLine Construction

The world economic order is rapidly changing. A transition is underway, led by the sudden collapse of crude oil and natural gas prices. Here, the pros and cons of modularization vs. field construction are outlined.

Viewpoint: An engineer’s guide to networking

Shahani, G., ShureLine Construction; Rentschler, C., Engineering Consultant

Innumerable articles and training programs have been written on the subject of networking.