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Kantar, B. O.

Tüpraş, Kocaeli, Turkey

Begüm Öztürk Kantar is a Process Superintendent, responsible for the FCC, DC, Prime G+ and Merox units at the Tupras Izmit refinery. Her previous experience has included positions as a Process Chief Engineer and Process Engineer. She earned a BS degree in chemical and biological engineering from Koç University. In addition, she is currently working toward an MS degree in software engineering at Boğaziçi University.

Izmit FCCU revamp

Tüpraş: Genç, M.  |  Kantar, B. O.  |  Önen, M. F.  |  Tunca, O.

Tüpraş utilizes proprietary fluid catalytic cracking units<sup>a</sup> (FCCUs) at its Izmit and Izmir refineries. The Izmit unit was designed in 1968 and started up in 1972 with a side-by-side style reactor/regenerator.

FCC and HDS feed flexibility and integration with the delayed coker in the Izmit refinery

Tüpraş: Kantar, B. O.  |  Tunca, O.  |  Azizoğlu, Z.  |  Önen, M. F.  |  Genç, M.

Operational flexibility is one of the key parameters that leads to success and sustainability in refinery production.

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