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Önen, M. F.

Tüpraş, Kocaeli, Turkey

Mehmet Fatih Önen is an Operations Supervisor, responsible for the daily operations at the Tupras’ Izmit refinery, including maintenance of units; optimization of production; and troubleshooting and monitoring of FCC and LPG Merox units, caustic neutralization, and CD and VD units. He earned BS and MS degrees in chemical engineering from ITU.

FCC and HDS feed flexibility and integration with the delayed coker in the Izmit refinery

Tüpraş: Kantar, B. O.  |  Tunca, O.  |  Azizoğlu, Z.  |  Önen, M. F.  |  Genç, M.

Operational flexibility is one of the key parameters that leads to success and sustainability in refinery production.

FCC operational changes to boost gasoline octane

Tüpraş: Genç, M.  |  Gül, A.  |  Avcilar, S.  |  Öztürk, B.  |  Önen, M. F.  |  Akkuş, E.

The fluid catalytic cracking unit (FCCU) is one of the main units providing gasoline with high-octane numbers to the refinery gasoline pool.

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