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Özsağiroğlu, E.

Tüpraş, Şişli-İstanbul, Turkey

Erhan Özsağiroğlu is a Simulation Superintendent at Tüpraş headquarters within the Process Optimization and Digitalization department. He previously worked as a Senior Process Engineer at an engineering company for 5 yr and holds a PhD in chemical engineering from Istanbul Technical University. The author can be reached at Erhan.Ozsagiroglu@tupras.com.tr.

Fouling monitoring and prediction of heat exchangers via simulations powered by AI-driven models

Hydrocracker units are the most valuable conversion facilities in refineries. The outcome is the conversion of a variety of feedstocks to a range of products—the units that produce those products can be found at various points throughout a refinery.

Debottleneck analysis on a coker debutanizer via simulation models

Production requirements for more valuable refined products and/or increased refining flexibility are increasing due to new regulations.

Optimization study for vacuum offgas amine sweetening unit using simulation model

Tüpraş: Özsağiroğlu, E.

Technology is constantly developing, and the competition is intense.

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