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November 2011


Special Report: Plant Safety and Environment

Automated decoking solves coker safety challenges
Flowserve Corp.: Botros, I.

The concept improves safety and efficiency and bolsters the bottom line

Mitigate refinery influent water supply contamination
MarTech Systems, Inc.: Huchler, L. A.
Valero Energy Corp.: Garrison, W.

Resolving critical water supply and quality issues by managing risk and implementing successful solutions

Spent caustic management: Remediation review

Understanding of waste components needed for proper spent caustic disposal

Tips on communicating LOPA results to management
Mustang Engineers, LP: Shah, G. C.

Communicate clearly and explain thoroughly

Pilot-operated safety relief valves: A simple, effective plant upgrade
GE Energy: Scott, J. R.  |  MacKinnon, N.

Replacing spring-loaded valves can help increase efficiency and output

Relief device inlet piping: Beyond the 3 percent rule
Smith & Burgess LLC: Smith, D.
Smith and Burgess LLC: Burgess, J.
Smith and Burgess: Powers, C.

With careful consideration, an engineer can be certain that an installation will not chatter

Bonus Report: Process Control and Information Systems

Safety instrumented function design reduces nuisance trips
Tesoro Corp.: Kern, A.G.

Implementing low-cost best practices can provide peace of mind

Improve material balance in high-purity distillation control
Summa Control Solutions Inc.: Nino, S.

Using dual-composition conserved energy efficiency, reduced reprocessing and allowed higher throughput

Maintenance/Heat Transfer

Investigation: Failure of a steam generator
SABIC R&T: Babakr, A.  |  Bairamov, A.

In case history, engineers search for root cause of water-side tube failures for a 23-year-old boiler


HP Viewpoint: The evolution of safety in the oil and gas industry
KBR: Lyons, C.

As a safety professional with 25 years of experience in the hydrocarbon and chemical industries, I’ve had the unique opportunity to view first-hand the evolution of safety. Upon entering this fie..

HP Reliability: One pump fire per 1,000 pump repairs
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Bloch, Heinz P.

While performing reliability audits decades ago, pump-failure statistics were made available or could be recovered with relative ease. But even then, the sources were usually kept confidential because..

HP Water Management: Don’t let water be the reason for a turnaround
MarTech Systems, Inc.: Huchler, L. A.

Several years ago, while arriving onsite during another unit turnaround, I joked to a process engineer at the refinery “I get it. . . every time I ‘turn around,’ you have a turnaround.&..

HP Integration Strategies: Aging HPI workforce drives need for operator training systems
ARC Advisory Group: Abel, J.

As a leading research and consulting organization focused on the process industries, manufacturing, infrastructure and other industrial sectors, ARC Advisory Group has been closely following the emerg..

HP In Brief: HPIn Brief
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Thinnes, Billy

Biojet fuel grantRenewable chemicals and advanced biofuels firm Gevo has received a $5 million grant from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) for the development of biojet fuel from woody biomass ..

HP Construction: North America
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Meche, Helen

Eastman Chemical Co. has announced a second expansion of its Benzoflex plasticizer line at the Kohtla-Järve, Estonia, site. The expansion will increase Benzoflex capacity by an additional 11,000 ..

HP Construction: South America
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Meche, Helen

Technip, within the framework of a cooperation partnership with Haldor Topsøe, was awarded a contract to provide basic- and front-end engineering services on a Petrobras grassroots fertilizer com..

HP Construction: Europe
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Meche, Helen

Navum Energy Ltd. has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Turkmenistan state-owned gas concern, Turkmengas, which will lead to the construction of a series of gas-to-liquids (GTL) and ..

HP Construction: Africa
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Meche, Helen

Technip was awarded a strategic engineering contract by Gabon Fertilizers Co. for a world-class, grassroots ammonia-urea fertilizer project to be developed at Port Gentil, Gabon. The proposed project ..

HP Construction: Middle East
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Meche, Helen

L&T Hydrocarbon has a project order, valued around $150 million, from Petroleum Development Oman LLC (PDO). The order is to set up a greenfield project planned to treat an average of 3 million standar..

HP Construction: Asia-Pacific
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Meche, Helen

Alfa Laval has won an order to supply its Packinox heat exchangers to a refinery in Kazakhstan. The order value is approximately SEK 55 million, and delivery is scheduled for 2012.The Packinox heat ex..

HP Impact: EU chemical production grows ever so slowly
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Thinnes, Billy

European Union (EU) chemicals production in July grew by 0.8% compared with July 2010, according to the latest chemicals trends report released by the European Chemical Industry Council (Cefic). Howev..

HP Impact: World demand for water treatment products approaches $65 billion
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Thinnes, Billy

World demand for water treatment products is projected to increase 6.2% per year to nearly $65 billion in 2015, according to The Freedonia Group (Table 1). Although growth will be healthy across the g..

HP Impact: Shale gas boom helpful to North American chemical producers
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Thinnes, Billy

The US shale gas exploration and production boom continues to fuel significant cost advantages for North American commodity chemicals producers as relative costs of natural gas and oil-based feedstock..

HP Impact: The quest for a common integration technology
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Thinnes, Billy

The five major automation foundations (FDT Group, Fieldbus Foundation, HART Communication Foundation, PROFIBUS & PROFINET International, and OPC Foundation) have developed a single common solution for..

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New Developments

Compact-sized close-coupled pumps for application versatility  The Moyno 1000 close-coupled positive-displacement pump is said to provide greater versatility and performance advantages over other..

North American Turnaround and Maintenance 2011 Supplement

Make the case for ‘lean thinking’ in maintenance
Cost Control Systems, LLC: Lamb, R. G.

What is ‘lean’ for maintenance; should companies use?