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July 2014


Special Report: Refinery of the Future

How to make anything with a catalytic cracker
High Olefins FCC Technology Services, LLC: Dean, C.
Technip Stone & Webster Process Technology: Letzsch, W. S.

Various refined products can be produced via an FCCU only with changes in operating condition, different feedstocks and advanced/specialty catalyst choices.

Consider high-fidelity online motor fuel characterization
Yokogawa Corp. of America: Trygstad, M.

Motor fuels are complex products. Various diesel fuel and gasoline grades are prepared from a large range of individual blending components whose individual properties may be extremely variable over t..

Case history: Modernization of Russia’s refining industry—Part 1
RAS, A.V. Topchiev Institute of Petrochemical Synthesis, Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas: Levinbuk, M.
Gazprom Neft: Galkin, V. V.  |  Makhiyanov, V.

Russian laws governing transportation fuels and crude oil have undergone many changes. These regulatory changes will involve the revamping of Russia’s refining industry. At present, this nation h..

Which margin levers impact Group I and Group II base stock competitiveness?—Part 2
Kline and Co., Inc.: Moncrieff, I.

This is the second in a two-part series assessing the struggle taking place between Group I and Group II/III for market control and price formation in the global base stocks industry. Part I provided ..

HPI Focus: Changing HPI Economics

Ethanol-to-ethylene process provides alternative pathway to plastics
BP Downstream Technology, Conversion Technology Center: Cook, D.  |  Hodge, S.  |  Moffatt, C.

Tight operating margins make the ethanol-to-ethylene technology marketplace a challenging space in which to compete. However, a new, second-generation route can deliver market-leading conversion efficiency at lower cost and complexity than existing technologies.

Bonus Report: LNG

How sensitive is your treating plant to operating conditions?
Optimized Gas Treating: Weiland, R. H.
Raschig GmbH: Schultes, M.
Atlantic LNG Company of Trinidad and Tobago: Maharaj, N.
ConocoPhillips: Praderio, A.
INEOS Americas: Santos, J.

A normal expectation in the course of operating an amine treating plant for acid gas removal is that small changes in operating conditions will result in correspondingly small responses in plant performance. However, such expectations are not always well founded. To establish credibility for the process simulator used in the design of a new LNG plant, the mass-transfer rate-based simulation results for the new plant are compared with performance data from an operating LNG plant.

Maximize LNG carrier efficiency through integrated optimization
Eniram: Guillemin, P.

Officers and engineers aboard an LNG carrier are busy. They require real-time, user-friendly data derived from the vessel’s systems, as well as accurate individual metrics.


HP Reliability: Things to know and do before starting new initiatives
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Bloch, Heinz P.

HP editors frequently attend technical conferences to keep informed on the many factors impacting the hydrocarbon processing industry (HPI). The focus of these conferences often differs. However, one ..

HP Automation Strategies: HPI demands higher availability of rotating equipment
ARC Advisory Group: Spada, S.

The performance and uptime of heavy rotating equipment play an important role in business profitability in a wide range of industries, including upstream and midstream gas processing and downstream re..

HP Project Management: What skills will project managers need in the next decade?—Part 1
Del E. Webb School of Construction, Arizona State University: Badger, W.

The next decade could well be that of the project manager (PM), who is at the core individual of every successful project. It is the PM’s competence and professionalism on which the construction ..

HP Global: The reshaping of Latin America’s petrochemical industry
IHS Markit: Quijada, R.

Latin American economies continue to grow. Fig. 1 shows the gross domestic product (GDP) growth rates from 2010 through 2018 for this region. Brazil accounts for 35% of the total GDP growth. For the p..

HP Petrochemicals: Major US players turn focus to propane dehydrogenation
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: DuBose, Ben

As of today, seven projects have been proposed in the field of propane dehydrogenation (PDH), which can convert propane into propylene as well as the byproduct hydrogen.

HP Gas Processing: Eastern nations look to LNG for energy, environmental solutions
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Blume, Adrienne

China and India are growing increasingly energy-hungry as their populations and transport infrastructures expand. At the same time, the two countries are seeking to reduce air pollution levels. In response, China and India are eyeing greater LNG imports and deeper emissions cuts.

HP Boxscore Construction Analysis: South Africa—Africa’s clean fuels leader?
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Nichols, Lee

In response to new legislation, refiners around the world are implementing operational and processing changes to reduce sulfur levels in their transportation fuels.

HP Viewpoint: The journey to a value-adding refinery project
Shell Global Solutions International BV: Ozmen, S. M.

It is quite common for a project to become fully operational 4–5 years after its initial definition, during which time the prevailing market conditions are likely to have shifted.

HP Industry Perspectives: Tale of two continents
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Romanow, Stephany

Growing supplies by non-OPEC countries has introduced some calm for crude oil prices. However, other factors are influencing profitability and margins. In the US, the abundance of shale oil and the 40..

HP News
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Thinnes, Billy

API releases three new standards to improve refinery safetyThe American Petroleum Institute (API) issued three new first-edition standards to enhance refinery safety and inspection programs:RP 583, Co..

HP Industry Metrics
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Romanow, Stephany

Global energy markets are reaching a new equilibrium, according to Wood Mackenzie analysts. As demand shifts to the East, it will expand to extraordinary proportions. However, the world finds itself i..

HP People
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Thinnes, Billy

Aggreko has appointed Chris Weston as CEO. Mr. Weston is currently managing director of international downstream at Centrica plc, where he is an executive director running the group’s largest div..

Free Literature
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Meche, Helen

Guidelines for storing and handling Evonik oil additives Evonik’s interactive brochure contains recommendations and guidelines on the storage and handling of its VISCOPLEX and VISCOBASE prod..

New Developments
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Meche, Helen

Gas chromatograph provides high accuracy measurement The Danalyzer 370XA gas chromatograph (GC) is designed for continuous online analysis of natural gas for applications such as custody transfer..


What is the ‘refinery of the future’?
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Romanow, Stephany

For years, technology experts and engineers have discussed the elements and operations that will define the refinery of the future. The refining industry has made great progress from the early days. H..