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Consider new steam system corrosion protection for refineries

GE Water & Process Technologies: Dale, T.  |  Robinson, G.  |  Rossi, A.

New technology in volatile filming corrosion inhibitors and lower-salting neutralizing amines can provide cost-effective solutions for the steam-condensate system and minimize the risk of amine chloride salt formation.

Case study: Service life assessment of boiler superheater tubes

SABIC Technology Centre: van Zyl, G.  |  Al-Meshari, A.  |  Al-Shahrani, S.

Boilers are used in petrochemical facilities to generate steam that can be used to meet process and utility requirements. Many industrial boiler designs can be shop assembled and are therefore referre..

Inspect steam reformers and catalyst tubes with infrared thermography

Thermal Diagnostics: James, S.

Infrared thermography is a useful inspection tool to help locate problems in steam reformers while the units are online and fired. There are three main areas in a reformer that can be efficiently insp..

HP Water Management: Best practices for RO operations

MarTech Systems, Inc.: Huchler, L. A.

Widespread use of reverse osmosis (RO) technology in industrial applications began in the late 1980s, following the introduction of polyamide materials that had a significantly higher permeate flow an..

Mitigate fouling in crude unit overhead—Part 3

CH2M Hill: Sloley, A. W.

CASE STUDYThe basis for this case study is shown in Fig. 18; it is a crude unit with overhead heat integration. This is a one-drum overhead system with heat integration and no water wash. In an attemp..

Improve pressure drop calculations for saturated water lines

When saturated water flows through pipes and components, it flashes—thus increasing its specific volume and limiting the fluid flowrate. Due to these conditions, the calculation and design for pi..

Achieve uniform heat flux in a coker furnace

Reliance Industries Ltd.: Patil, R.  |  Mishra, V. P.  |  Das, A. K.

A delayed coker unit thermally cracks vacuum residue (VR) and converts it into products like liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), naphtha, gasoil and petroleum coke. A majority of the thermal cracking takes..

Optimize amine units and improve refinery profitability

GE Water & Process Technologies: Zurlo, J.

The alkanolamine system in a refinery, better known as the amine unit, is used to remove hydrogen sulfide (H2S), carbon dioxide (CO2) and mercaptans (collectively referred to as acid gases) from proce..

Optimize crude preheat train to balance efficiency and operability

Foster Wheeler: Zhang, J.

Critical attention must be paid when designing the crude distillation unit (CDU) preheat train. Many pitfalls can easily lead to unnecessary expenditures or unsatisfactory operations. Key design crite..

Are you using pinch technology effectively in your daily operations?—Part 1

KBC Process Technology Ltd.: Milosevic, Z.  |  Rudman, A.  |  Brown, R.

Pinch technology is the most rigorous, systematic and best documented methodology for process design.1–3 Nearly all optimization projects for heat recovery are conducted with some form of pinch a..