Teaching an old plant new tricks: The rise of the methanol plant revamp

Stanbridge, S., Jacobs Consultancy

The last time we saw such marked activity in the methanol industry was back in the 1990s and early 2000s, when methanol production in North America plummeted by almost two-thirds.

Global Project Data

Nichols, L., Hydrocarbon Processing

At present, Hydrocarbon Processing’s Construction Boxscore Database is tracking over 2,100 projects around the world.

Amec Foster Wheeler wins Indonesian refinery upgrade contract

Amec Foster Wheeler has been awarded an engineering and project management services contract by PT Pertamina and Saudi Aramco for the upgrade and expansion of the Cilacap Refinery in Central Java.

Business Trends: Asia’s smaller downstream players have big plans

Nichols, L., Hydrocarbon Processing

Most of the focus on Asian downstream capacity construction revolves around large consuming nations, such as China and India.

Viewpoint: Envisioning a “future-proof” refinery of the future

Carugo, M., Emerson Process Management

Trying to predict how global refining markets will look in 2026 is a losing proposition. The only thing we can count on with any real certainty is uncertainty.

PTT postpones FID on Ohio ethane cracker project

Even though PTT has postponed their FID on the Ohio ethane cracker project, preparation for the site is still underway.

Business Trends: Will India be Asia’s next downstream powerhouse?

Nichols, L., Hydrocarbon Processing

The Asia-Pacific region dominates in the total number of active projects in all sectors of the downstream hydrocarbon processing industry. Just as China has seen unprecedented growth over the past decade, India is emerging as the globe’s new oil demand center.

Reduce revamp costs with appropriate 3D laser scanning strategies

Wong, S., Lowery, R., Kou, C., Fluor Corp.

The traditional approach for collecting plant as-built data commonly used for the revamp and retrofit of existing facilities, as well as for plant maintenance and operation, includes manually collecting the data and reviewing existing plot plans, elevation drawings, systems isometrics, or other 2D CAD drawings.

Egypt's new refinery will cut fuel import bill

Egyptian investment firm Qalaa Holdings is confident its new refinery will cut the country's dependence on crucial oil product imports. The $3.7-B Egyptian Refining Co. will have the capacity to produce 4.2 metric MMtpy of refined products

Qatar's Texas LNG venture eyes exports by 2021

Top LNG exporter Qatar anticipates exports from its Golden Pass JV in Texas to begin in 2021. State-run Qatar Petroleum owns a 70% stake in an LNG receiving terminal in Texas that is backed by Exxon Mobil and ConocoPhillips.