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Ineos shuts down Canadian unit for maintenance after chemical leak

INEOS confirmed in a statement that it had shut down the Sarnia plant for maintenance and to address an unspecified mechanical issue and did not address the extent or cause of the chemical release.

Enhance ethylene cracker radiant tube integrity through innovative robotic inspection

CastNewX Technology Co. Ltd.: Zhang, M.

The ethylene cracker plays a crucial role in the petrochemical industry, producing more than 200 MMtpy of ethylene globally, which is the major building block for plastics, synthetic rubber, lubricants and various chemicals.

Re-wire PSSR programs for sustainable results

Contributing Editor: Khan, A. J.

The 2008 Bayer CropScience pesticide waste tank explosion caused by a chemical runaway reaction at the facility in West Virginia (U.S.) resulted in two fatalities and eight injuries. The U.S. Chemical Safety Board concluded that although a pre-startup safety review (PSSR) was conducted, it was inadequate—operators and subject matter experts (SMEs) were not involved, and an eight-page checklist was filled with a complete disregard to their details and specifics.

Editorial Comment: Maintenance and inspection pathways/technologies to optimize unit reliability

Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Nichols, Lee

Unit uptime is one of the most important aspects in refining and petrochemical plant operations. Work stoppages due to any number of causes can be detrimental to profitability; therefore, it is imperative to utilize best practices, technologies, techniques and know-how to ensure processing units operate efficiently and safely.

Russia's Orsk refinery declares force majeure on fuel supply due to floods

Russia's Orsk oil refinery, which has halted output after widespread floods, declared force majeure on fuel supplies from April 8, according to a document issued by plant owner Forteinvest.

Taiwan's Formosa Petrochemical reopens Mailiao refinery port, restarts a crude unit after quake

Taiwan's Formosa Petrochemical restarted operations at the port at its Mailiao oil refinery after closing it as a precautionary measure following a powerful earthquake.

An ignition control nightmare—Protecting assets from a lightning strike

Contributing Author: Khan, A. J.

Design engineers put forth their best efforts to forecast all risks for their processing plant and strive to embed optimum controls in design, commissioning, operations and maintenance to prevent these risks during the plant’s lifecycle.

Global energy giants commit to accelerated transition to low-carbon future

At CERAWeek by S&P Global in Houston, Texas, executives met to network and discuss strategies for scaling technologies of the future. In a panel moderated by Atul Arya, Senior Vice President and Chief Energy Strategist at S&P Global, the panelists discussed the large-scale deployment of various technologies over the next several decades, including renewables, carbon capture, utilization and storage, hydrogen and much more.

Audubon launches unprecedented vapor recovery & reuse system for EPA compliance

Audubon Engineering Company introduced its patented Vapor Upcycle System as a sustainable-energy solution for capturing and reusing hazardous air pollutants.

Safety study demonstrates the need for new safety rules for methanol-fueled vessels

A new fire safety study by global Survival Technology solutions provider Survitec has revealed that existing firefighting methods used to extinguish machinery space spray and pool fires on conventionally fueled vessels are inadequate when dealing with methanol-based fires.