Information Systems

Gazprom Neft uses Intergraph SmartPlant to create engineering data management system

Intergraph SmartPlant for Owner Operators technology is now used by Gazprom Neft, one of the largest oil companies in Russia, to integrate engineering data management systems during major construction projects and the operation of oil refining sites.

aeSolutions develops ISA cybersecurity training and certificate program

aeSolutions worked with the International Society of Automation to develop their new cybersecurity training and certificate program.

Utilize genetic programming to develop new point efficiency correlation

Kasiri, N., Jouybanpour, P., Iran University of Science and Technology; Reza Ehsani, M., Isfahan University of Technology

Distillation is one of the most used separation operations in the chemical and petroleum industries.

Choose the most appropriate modeling approach for reactors

Jain, A. A., Gupta, A., Reliance Industries Ltd.

The efficient operation and design of any reactor depends on the know-how regarding the chemical reaction and the hydrodynamics inside the reactor.

Analyze abnormal operations of an HDS reactor loop with dynamic simulation

Garcia, O., Shipman, R., Tong, C., Palmer, R. E., Wood Group Mustang

Hydrodesulfurization units are used in a petroleum refinery to process a variety of feeds to alter composition via the addition of hydrogen.

Minimize industrial cyber security risk in plants in 12 steps

Ayral, T., O'Donnell, J., Honeywell Industrial Cyber Security

Most companies and plants have taken steps to implement some degree of industrial cyber security control.

An operations reference model for common refinery operations

Brandl, D., BR&L Consulting Inc.; Turk, M. A., Schneider Electric

Refineries are large, highly automated, complex systems involving hundreds of people, thousands of work processes, thousands of control loops and tens of thousands of input/output points.

Viewpoint: Envisioning a “future-proof” refinery of the future

Carugo, M., Emerson Process Management

Trying to predict how global refining markets will look in 2026 is a losing proposition. The only thing we can count on with any real certainty is uncertainty.

Codes and Standards: Explore alternative engineering options for code requirements

Murti, D. G., The Augustus Group

This article is the second under the “Codes and Standards” series.

Viewpoint: “Intelligizing” the refinery for business sustainability

Freburger, G., Schneider Electric

In today’s digital world, the line between IT and OT is blurring, and connectivity has become both inescapable and necessary. Connectivity is driving an influx of data that is both beneficial and overwhelming, especially as we explore how to apply this data in meaningful ways.