Information Systems

DNV GL’s Synergi Plant software becomes a one-stop shop for plant integrity managers

The new Synergi Plant release from DNV GL marks the first time that one plant integrity management software solution provides the three most important methodologies in one cloud-based solution.

Rockwell Automation launches new industrial security appliance

The Allen-Bradley Stratix 5950 security appliance from Rockwell Automation incorporates new security technologies to help protect plant-floor systems.

Rockwell Automation acquires Maverick Technologies

Rockwell Automation, Inc. has acquired leading systems integrator Maverick Technologies to expand domain knowledge and help deliver innovative control and information solutions to customers in industries such as oil and gas, chemical and food and beverage.

Yokogawa develops process data analytics software for the early detection of production quality issues

Yokogawa Electric Corp. has developed Process Data Analytics, an application program that can detect a decline in quality or productivity at an early stage of the manufacturing process by analyzing process data, facility status information, operation history, and other data.

Use dynamic simulation to maximize plant operating performance

Alós, M. A., Inprocess Technology and Consulting Group

The oil and gas industry has witnessed seismic downward shifts in barrel prices and uplifts in market competitiveness.

Monitor medium-voltage switchgear in refineries

Murray, J., Emerson Process Management

When medium-voltage switchgear (MVS) in a refinery fails, it can force a process unit or even an entire refinery to shut down.

Measure naturally occurring radioactive material in polypropylene plants

Williams, D., VEGA Americas Inc.

In the petrochemical industry, process plants often rely on radiation-based level and density detectors.

Use process knowledge management systems to accelerate innovation

Hall, S., Process Systems Enterprise; Mahoney, P., Ambition Partner

The amount of stored digital data is doubling every two years, and the rate of data acquisition is close to exceeding our ability to process it and sort out what is valuable.

The history, and possible future, of model-less multivariable control

Kern, A., Lin & Associates

Terms such as “model-less,” “small-matrix” and “operational” do not, as yet, evoke the same excitement that accompanied the historic arrival of model-based predictive multivariable control three decades ago.

Project Management: Global trends in energy savings: Are emerging technologies the solution?

Hutton, D., Gómez-Prado, J., KBC Advanced Technologies

Despite low energy prices, energy conservation continues to be an important component of business strategy in the oil refining and chemical industries.