Information Systems

Use your data to its full potential to prevent outages

Creef, B., HIMA Americas, Inc.

In a process plant, the safety system is responsible for the protection of personnel, resources and the environment, by taking the plant to a safe state in the event of a fault. However, is the system capable of contributing more to the plant’s uptime and profitability?

Business Trends: The impact of industrial analytics on the chemical industry

Vesely, E., Presenso

The opportunities for industrial analytics within the chemical industry, and how advances in machine learning can impact revenue, operations, employee safety and capital investments, are analyzed here.

Digital: Fulfilling the promise: The next phase of asset performance management

Hague, J., AspenTech

As asset performance management (APM) continues to evolve, the introduction of new methods and cutting-edge technologies are rapidly increasing its bottom-line value. Cloud computing, data science and machine learning are among the technologies that are now being integrated with automated methodologies directly into APM solutions. As a result, operators and engineers now have advanced analytical capabilities at their fingertips.

Engineering Practices—CAD for plant layout: Being right by being safe

Trivedi, U. B., Hitech iSolutions LLP

When we think of oil and gas industry hazards, we often perceive them as an enormous oil rig engulfed in flames in the middle of nowhere.

Migrating from Fortran to ISA S-88

Ford, J., Kolluri, T., Bozeman, J., MAVERICK Technologies

A major refiner operates two catalytic reforming units for gasoline octane improvement and aromatics production in Texas. In each of these units, five reactors filled with catalyst are operated continuously in series to reform paraffinic hydrocarbons in the presence of hydrogen (H2). During this process, some byproduct coke is unavoidably produced and deposits on the catalyst, which leads to gradual catalyst deactivation.

TOYO launches ‘digital fertilizer’ for Indonesian plant

Toyo Engineering Corporation (TOYO, President and CEO Kiyoshi Nakao) has developed and launched the first “digital fertilizer” for the fertilizer plant owned and operated by PT Pupuk Sriwidjaja Palembang (PUSRI) in Palembang in South Sumatra, Indonesia as a subsidiary of state-owned Indonesian fertilizer company, PT Pupuk Indonesia.

Honeywell survey shows low adoption of industrial cyber security

HOUSTON — Honeywell released a new study showing industrial companies are not moving quickly to adopt cyber security measures to protect their data and operations, even as attacks have increased around the globe.

Emerson completes Paradigm acquisition

ST. LOUIS — Emerson announced it has completed the purchase of Paradigm, a leading provider of software solutions to the oil and gas industry.

Incorporate assurance into an operational readiness program—Part 1

Picheo, G., Reed, W., Jacobs Consultancy

This two-part article will examine how to address common issues on large projects, and how to make an ordered, structured transition in a systematic and repeatable way.a

BP, AspenTech renew license agreement to improve operations through technology

BEDFORD, Mass. — Aspen Technology, Inc., the asset optimization software company, announced that BP has renewed its license agreement for aspenONE Engineering, a suite of products focused on process engineering and optimization, and aspenONE Manufacturing and Supply Chain, a suite of process operations and supply chain software.