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Mukherjee, M.

Exelus, Inc., Fairfield, New Jersey

Mitrajit Mukherjeeis the President and Founder of Exelus. His research on engineered zeolites led to the development of the breakthrough solid-acid alkylation catalyst ExSact, which is being licensed as the K-SAAT™ process by KBR. He recently developed a novel mixed-metal oxide catalyst (ExOlt) to produce propylene from propane, which is being licensed as the K-Pro process by KBR. Prior to starting Exelus, he held positions at Catalytica and Lummus. He earned a BS degree in chemical engineering from the India Institute of Technology and an MS degree from Southern Illinois University.

Meeting the Tier 3 challenge with ultra-clean alkylate

Exelus, Inc.: Mukherjee, M.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) introduced Tier 3 gasoline sulfur standards in 2017, requiring all U.S. gasoline producers to adhere to an annual 10-ppm average sulfur limit.

Reduce alkylate costs with solid-acid catalysts

Exelus, Inc.: Mukherjee, M.  |  Nehlsen, J.

New developments in alkylation processes mitigate risk while reducing operating costs

Consider catalyst developments for alkylation production

Exelus, Inc.: Mukherjee, M.  |  Nehlsen, J.

Catalyst service-life determines the economic viability of solid-acid alkylation processes

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