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September 2019


Special Focus: Refining Technology

Modified shed decks tackle crude tower fouling problems
Valero Energy Corp.: Hanson, D.  |  Brown Burns, J.

Many tray designs have been complicated by the hunt for the “perfect distillation tray” design.

Opportunity crudes and refinery challenges during hydrocracking operations—Part 1

Refineries worldwide often face practical challenges and operating issues when processing opportunity crude oils to maximize profit margins.

Horizontal distillation column technology
Independent Researcher/Inventor: Katyal, A.

Gas-liquid contact operations are required for the separation of mixtures based on differences in the chemical properties (volatility, solubility, etc.) of various components.

Process Control and Instrumentation

Automatic gauging addresses tank farm challenges
Endress+Hauser: Mallon, D.

Tank farms are often found on the premises of large refineries and petrochemical plants, or nearby.

Sulfur plant analyzers for refinery sulfur recovery units
Fluor Daniel India Pvt. Ltd.: Nasa, J.  |  Verma, P.

Analyzers are a key component of process automation and are usually associated with stereotypes such as high costs, intensive maintenance, complicated installations and operation, and doubtful reliability and accuracy.

Maintenance and Reliability

Are there ghosts in your maintenance backlog?
Red Horse Properties LLC: Thorman, G.

The heart and soul of a maintenance organization is often found in the backlog of identified work.

Water Management

Are produced water emissions factors accurate?
Bryan Research & Engineering, Inc.: Ross, K.

Rules of thumb are often required to estimate hydrocarbon emissions from produced water storage tanks due to a lack of sampling or inadequacies of sample analysis—the “1% rule” being the most common.


Editorial Comment: Exchanging ideas through collaborative environments
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Nichols, Lee

What is the best way to exchange ideas?

Reliability: Comparing and updating aeration blower technologies
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Bloch, Heinz P.

As the main consumers of electricity in a wastewater treatment plant, aeration blowers can significantly affect the overall cost of plant operation.

Optimization: Thinking of cooling towers? Go global and modular.
Aggreko: Childers, B.

When it comes to cooling towers, when should modular be considered?

Asia: China eyes significant growth in petrochemicals
Contributing Writer: Gerden, E.

China aims to grow its domestic petrochemical production during the next 5 yr–7 yr, driven by the ongoing modernization of major production facilities and an increase in foreign investments.

Executive Viewpoint: Using low-code digitalization to optimize workflow in the oil and gas industry
McDermott: Villarreal, R.

For more than a century, customers have relied on companies such as ours to deliver superior end-to-end solutions to transport and transform oil and gas into the products our global economy needs.

Digital Refinery Q&A: Digital transformation essentials for the plant and the edge
Stratus Technologies: Fryer, J.

Digital transformation is a hot topic in many industries as new technologies promise improved performance and reduced downtime.

Digital Refinery: Change project execution with virtual and augmented reality
Fluor: Robar, P.  |  Eklund, M.  |  Devone, S.

It is an exciting time to be a contractor in the energy industry.

Industry Perspectives—Two events: One to honor, one to learn
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Nichols, Lee

In this issue, the finalists for <i>Hydrocarbon Processing’</i>s third annual <i>HP</i> Awards are detailed.

Business Trends: Crude-to-chemicals—An opportunity or threat?
Wood Mackenzie: Gupta, S.  |  Xu, D.

For most oil refiners and chemical producers, the need to improve margins and remain competitive has never been greater.