Engineering & Design

Hyundai Engineering lowers design costs with 3D technology

Hyundai Engineering used 3D technology to increase the efficiency of engineering design on their $2 B petrochemical plant project.

Technip, BTG to build pyrolysis plants for biomass-to-oil production

Technip signed an exclusive cooperation agreement with BTG BioLiquids to provide EPC services for its modular pyrolysis plants.

Meridian Energy selects Axens for refinery tech

Meridian Energy selected Axens North America to license proprietary clean-tech refinery and hydrocarbon processing technology for the Davis refinery.

Veolia to provide wastewater treatment system for LACC ethane cracker and Lotte MEG plant

CB&I has chosen Veolia Water Technologies to engineer and procure a wastewater treatment package for a Lotte Axiall Chemical Company ethane cracker and associated monoethylene glycol plant being constructed in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Wood Group secures new UK contract with petrochemical manufacturer SABIC

Wood Group has been awarded a new contract by petrochemical manufacturer SABIC for engineering design services for the SABIC Teesside complex in Wilton, UK.

Gunvor secures financing for Rotterdam refinery upgrade

Gunvor secured $200 M in financing for the development and infrastructural upgrade of its refinery in Rotterdam.

Utilize genetic programming to develop new point efficiency correlation

Kasiri, N., Jouybanpour, P., Iran University of Science and Technology; Reza Ehsani, M., Isfahan University of Technology

Distillation is one of the most used separation operations in the chemical and petroleum industries.

Design operations-and-maintenance-friendly pressure vessels—Part 1

Murti, D. G., The Augustus Group

Many scholarly articles have been published on the design, selection and fabrication of pressure vessels.

Distillation—Then and now

Gentry, J. C., Bhargava, M., GTC Technology US LLC; Binkley, M. J., GTC Process Equipment Technology

Distillation is the most often used means to separate two or more components, exploiting the physical properties of different boiling points.

Cylindrical hull concept improves design for offshore FLNG production

Odeskaug, L., Sevan Marine ASA; Mokhatab, S., Consultant

As demand for natural gas remains high, the development of offshore stranded gas fields via floating liquefied natural gas production technology will aid sustained growth.