Solve operator training in a challenging refining industry

Alamo, J., SNC-Lavalin Inc.; Ross, M., Honeywell Process Solutions

Workforce reduction, the expected retirement of baby boomers, personnel leaving the industry in search of better opportunities, and the lack of jobs for new graduates will create a skills deficit once the industry begins growing again.

Reliability: Troubleshoot hot bearings in hot pumps

Bloch, H. P., Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

The reliability engineering unit supervisor (REUS) working at a 400-Mbpd refinery wrote that he was greatly concerned about a bearing temperature excursion. He realized that certain rules of thumb had been handed down to his maintenance employees, and that not all of these conveyed the same numbers and guidance.

Modularization: The key to success in today’s market

Rentschler, C., Engineering Consultant; Mulrooney, M., Shahani, G., ShureLine Construction

The world economic order is rapidly changing. A transition is underway, led by the sudden collapse of crude oil and natural gas prices. Here, the pros and cons of modularization vs. field construction are outlined.

Refining: High-impact challenges in today’s global refining market

Zurlo, J. A., GE Water and Process Technologies

To stay competitive and thrive in today’s uncertain and volatile energy market that is characterized by major shifts in supply and demand dynamics, refiners must find ways to increase operational efficiencies, maximize productivity and produce refined products at lower costs.

Reliability: Monitor equipment condition by collecting vibration signatures

Bloch, H. P., Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

With relatively few exceptions, industry guidelines and standards allow an increased understanding of best practices.

GE and Baker Hughes to create fullstream digital industrial service company

GE and Baker Hughes have entered into an agreement to combine GE’s oil and gas business and Baker Hughes to create a world-leading oil and gas technology provider with a unique mix of service and equipment capabilities.

Hoerbiger and Storm agree on cooperation

Adding ignition and control systems made by Hoerbiger to its portfolio, August Storm is now able to offer engine services at a new level of performance.

Lessons learned in commercial scale-up of new chemical processes

Jazayeri, B., Reacxion

Commercializing a new chemical process can be as simple as installing one or more homogenous batch reactor(s), or as complex as designing a fully integrated chemical complex requiring one or more heterogeneous reaction steps processing gas, liquid and/or solids, with other units required to prepare feeds, recover products/byproducts and recycle streams.

GE to provide power solution for Petronas’ Pengerang complex

GE will supply 17 emergency diesel generator packages, five transportable switch rooms and the electrical balance for Petronas’ Pengerang Integrated Petrochemical Complex.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries to expand North American oil and gas services

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries will expand the scope of its oil and gas services to plants in the North American market.