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Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Rhodes, Mike

Motion names new automation intelligence GVP

Petrobras CEO replacement being discussed by Brazilian officials

Officials in the Brazilian government have been discussing a possible replacement of the CEO of state-run oil company Petrobras, as they are unhappy with the firm's direction.

Fire at Marathon's Martinez refinery in California (U.S.) injuries one

A fire was reported at Marathon Petroleum Corp's Martinez refinery in California in which one person was injured and 20 facility workers evacuated.

Digital Feature: Achieve Water Authority Compliance with Automated Wastewater Treatment for Industrial Facilities with Cooling Towers

U.S. industrial facilities with cooling towers must meet U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and local wastewater requirements for effluent, including those under the Clean Water Act. Failing to do so can result in severe fines that quickly escalate.

Digital Feature: The Impact of AI on Industry

Hydrocarbon Processing had the opportunity to speak with Hiroshi Tanoguchi, Vice President and Head of the Yokogawa Products Headquarters, Yokogawa Electric Corp., about the company’s autonomous control artificial intelligence, how this was applied in a project with ENEOS Materials, and how safety is ensured in plant operations.


Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Rhodes, Mike

Axine Water Technologies expands leadership team

Maximizing the advantages of electric actuator diagnostics

Emerson: Gundaboina, B.  |  Kmitta, A.

Driven by stringent greenhouse gas emissions regulations and technical improvements, electric valve actuators are becoming increasingly common in applications throughout the process industry.

Editorial Comment: Celebrating the technologies and people in the global hydrocarbon processing industry

Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Nichols, Lee

On October 11, Gulf Energy Information celebrated the inaugural Gulf Energy Information Excellence Awards.

Argentina drivers hunt for fuel 'like water in the desert' amid shortage

Argentine drivers ran the gauntlet to find scarce supplies of petrol to fill their tanks amid the most acute fuel shortage in years, which has left many filling stations out of supply and long lines at any pumps still operating.

Hydrocarbon Processing honored at global media awards gala

Hydrocarbon Processing was awarded two Eddies from FOLIO, which recognizes the highest achievement in the global media industry. Hydrocarbon Processing received awards for Best Full Issue for its deep-dive into the technologies that are facilitating sustainability, and Best Series of Articles for its look at the History of the HPI.