Magellan pipeline settles alleged Clean Water Act violations

WASHINGTON – The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Justice today announced a settlement with Magellan Pipeline Company, L.P., for alleged violations of the Clean Water Act related to gasoline, diesel and jet fuel spills in Texas City, Texas; Nemaha, Neb. and El Dorado, Kan. Magellan has agreed to complete approximately $16 million of injunctive relief across its 11,000-mile pipeline system and pay a $2 million civil penalty.

US Army denies DAPL easement, AFPM responds to decision

HOUSTON (Reuters) -- The US Army's denial of an easement for the Dakota Access Pipeline, after permitting and legal obligations were followed, sets an uncertain precedent for new projects despite President-elect Donald Trump's promise to support energy infrastructure.

Causes and mitigation of thermal bowing in process piping design

Darji, P., Dholakia, M., Chaube, N., L&T-Chiyoda Ltd.

The authors encountered pipe thermal bowing problems in recently executed projects. These practical problems are discussed in three case studies, after a brief description of the thermal bowing concept and common reasons for the occurrence of this phenomenon.

Codes and Standards: Overcome technical difficulties in field pumps ordered to API 610/ISO 13709

Murti, D. G., The Augustus Group

The continued objective of this column series is to increase awareness of code requirements, interpretations and limitations as they stand today, and the options available to engineers for “alternative engineering.”

Design operations-and-maintenance-friendly pressure vessels—Part 1

Murti, D. G., The Augustus Group

Many scholarly articles have been published on the design, selection and fabrication of pressure vessels.

Sample heat transfer fluids to offset carbon effects on thermal plant efficiency

Wright, C., Global Heat Transfer

The long-term viability of a plant depends on maintaining continuous output and reducing production costs.

Experimental study of flow-induced pipe vibrations with guided end conditions

Sutar, S. M., Radhakrishna, M., Indian Institute of Chemical Technology; Babu, P. R., University College of Engineering, Osmania University

A study has been performed on the vibrations and stability of fluid-conveying pipes with guided ends. Guided ends are the most common type of pipe ends, as they enable the pipe to have free movement.


Andrew, Bob, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

Unintended fugitive emissions from pressurized plant components have long been a key concern for operators as well as regulators.

US refiners seek alternatives to Canada oil sands crude

The widespread regional fire is putting a big dent in imports from Canada, and while there are other plentiful sources, they will take time to move to the US Midwest.

Apply a short-term, high-temperature carbon steel solution to piping systems

Tiwari, V., Chowdry, M., Reliance Engineering Group (REG)

Carbon steel (CS) piping and equipment are used extensively in refineries and petrochemical plants, where fluid temperatures vary from moderate to high for various processes.