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LG Chem: considering ways to lift competitiveness of petrochemical business

South Korean petrochemical operator LG Chem said it is considering various ways of improving the company's competitiveness.

Editorial Comment: Advancing catalyst technologies and a focus on plant optimization/efficiency

Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Nichols, Lee

For nearly 100 yr, catalysts have been used within the processing industries.

Business Trends: Tier 3 gasoline production: The value of flexibility in volatile fuel markets

Hoekstra Trading: Hoekstra, G.
Petrobras: Da Silva, M. W.
Valuation Risk & Strategy LLC: Murphy, T.

Despite the forecasted trend of declining demand for transportation fuels, many markets still depend heavily on these crude oil derivatives to sustain economic activity.

SCG Chemicals expected to start production at Long Son plant by September

Long Son Petrochemicals, owned by SCG Chemicals, will start commercial production at its petrochemical complex in southern Vietnam in September, the head of Thai conglomerate Siam Cement Group said.

Another fire breaks out at Calcasieu Refinery

A fire broke out at the Calcasieu Refining Company in Louisiana while crews were working on dismantling an old tank that had previously caught fire.

Naphtha tank at Calcasieu Refining catches fire due to lightning

A tank containing naphtha at Calcasieu Refining in Lake Charles, Louisiana caught fire due to a lightning strike, local media reported.

FCC and HDS feed flexibility and integration with the delayed coker in the Izmit refinery

Tüpraş: Kantar, B. O.  |  Tunca, O.  |  Azizoğlu, Z.  |  Önen, M. F.  |  Genç, M.

Operational flexibility is one of the key parameters that leads to success and sustainability in refinery production.

Critical considerations for retrofit designing a platformer reactor’s partial bypass piping in a NHT plant

Saudi Aramco: Kittur, A.

The naphtha hydrotreater/continuous catalyst regeneration (NHT/CCR) platformer produces reformate to be utilized as a blending stock in the gasoline pool (FIG. 1).

Business Trends: The journey to sustainable profitability: How to benchmark the efficiency of your investment

Honeywell UOP: Couch, K.  |  Griffiths, M.  |  Ritchie, J.  |  Srivastava, P.

Because it provides the energy and materials required for global development, the refining industry is critical to the world economy.

Indian Oil eyes processing bio-naphtha for petrochemicals

Indian Oil Corp., the country's top refiner, said it is looking to decarbonize its petrochemical feedstocks by introducing bio-naphtha at its crackers.