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Crude oil

Global fossil fuel production plans far exceed climate targets, U.N. says

Global fossil fuel production in 2030 is set to be more than double the levels that are deemed consistent with meeting climate goals set under the 2015 Paris climate agreement, the United Nations and researchers said.

Nigeria's state oil firm launches new 'Nembe' grade of crude

Nigeria's state oil firm NNPC Ltd said it had launched a new grade of crude called Nembe, which is particularly suited to the European market.

Nigeria brings major Dangote refinery to life with own oil supply

Nigeria's state oil firm NNPC Ltd will supply the new 650,000-bpd Dangote oil refinery with up to six cargoes of crude oil in December to be used in test runs.

PetroChina aims to resume Venezuelan oil imports after 4-year pause

China's PetroChina is proposing to buy up to 8 million barrels a month of Venezuelan crude from state-run oil company PDVSA hoping to resume a trade suspended four years ago by U.S. sanctions.

Sample high-viscosity fluids safely in refinery settings

Swagelok: Dixon, M.

In a modern refinery setting, production processes are expected to be streamlined to maximize value from beginning to end.

Business Trends: Refinery transactions: A window of opportunity?

McKinsey & Co.: Fitzgibbon, T.  |  Shankar, A.  |  Vukomanoic, L.  |  Green, P.

In today's rapidly changing energy landscape, refinery transactions have become a focal point of investment discussions.

Lukoil's Romanian refinery shuts down for planned maintenance works

Romania's Petrotel Lukoil refinery, owned by Russia's Lukoil, will shut for one month from Wednesday for planned maintenance works.

Uganda plans to hand over exclusive petroleum supply deal to Vitol

Uganda plans to hand over exclusive rights for supply of all petroleum products to a unit of global energy trader Vitol and end a system that sources the oil products through neighboring Kenya.

Nigeria's Kaduna refinery to reopen next year, produce 60,000 bpd

Nigeria aims to reopen its Kaduna oil refinery next year, with initial production of 60,000 bpd as part of plans to revive local refineries that have been mothballed for years.

Valero to run its 14 refineries at up to 96.5% capacity in Q4

Valero Energy plans to operate its 14 oil refineries in North America and Britain at up to 96.5% of their combined total throughput capacity of 3.2 million bpd in the fourth quarter.