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González, R.

W. R. Grace, Spain

Rafael González Sánchez is the Regional Marketing Manager, Asia-Pacific and India, for Grace. A chemical engineer, he has more than 17 yr of multidisciplinary experience in catalyst design and development, technical services, account management and marketing. Dr. González joined Grace as a research and development researcher, leading new FCC catalyst and ZSM-5 additive developments. He then became a Regional Technical Sales Manager prior to joining the marketing team. Dr. González is a co-author of several publications in the FCC industry field. He earned a PhD in engineering and advanced technologies from Universitat de Barcelona, and an Executive MBA degree from the EAE Business School in Barcelona.

Decarbonize the FCCU through maximizing low-carbon propylene

Cepsa R&D: Pérez, E.  |  Prieto, C.
Cepsa, Gibraltar Refinery: Moreno, J. A.  |  Tenorio, J.  |  Chavarría, A.
W. R. Grace: Bescansa, M  |  González, R.  |  Brandt, S.  |  Franken, J.

As the global energy system continues to be threatened by geopolitical tensions, the refining industry continues to demonstrate an outstanding capacity for adaptation.

Defossilizing the FCCU via co-processing of biogenic feedstock: From laboratory to commercial scale

bp Energía España Castellón refinery: Fernández, A.  |  Mena, A.  |  Rivas, C.
W. R. Grace: Bescansa, M  |  González, R.

Oil demand is expected to reach record highs this year1 after a sharp rebound following the COVID-19 pandemic.

A successful case of resid-to-propylene maximization using premium catalyst technology

The world has experienced profound changes throughout the global disruption created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

FCCU catalyst reformulations: Reducing risk and guaranteeing value with collaboration/testing

Hellenic Petroleum: Kyriakou, S.  |  Plellis, C.  |  Tatsis, V.  |  Damianou, C.  |  Gkanis, D.
W. R. Grace: Burgess, T.  |  González, R.

Hellenic Petroleum S.A.’s Aspropyrgos refinery is located near Athens, Greece. It has a total refining capacity of approximately 7.5 MMtpy and a Nelson complexity index of 9.7. The refinery was built in 1958 and has undergone several upgrades, including the installation of a fluid catalytic cracking unit (FCCU).

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