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July 2023


Special Focus: Catalysts

Developments in reforming catalysts: A never-ending story

Even in the context of the energy transition—with gasoline demand expected to decline—the catalytic reforming process will continue to be a key process in refineries around the world to produce high-octane gasoline and aromatics.

Development and commercialization of an olefins removal catalytic technology
Reliance Industries Ltd.: Mantri, K.  |  Reddy, J. K.  |  Sidhpuria, K. B.  |  Jasra, R. V.  |  Sapre, A. V.

Aromatics—specifically, benzene, toluene and xylenes (BTX)—are the basic building blocks for most petrochemical derivatives and commodities chemicals.

Reliable naphtha reforming catalyst testing
Avantium: Vilela, T.  |  Otyuskaya, D.

Naphtha-to-gasoline refining plays a significant role in the petrochemical refining industry.

Biofuels, Alternative/Renewable Fuels

Defossilizing the FCCU via co-processing of biogenic feedstock: From laboratory to commercial scale
bp Energía España Castellón refinery: Fernández, A.  |  Mena, A.  |  Rivas, C.
W. R. Grace: Bescansa, M  |  González, R.

Oil demand is expected to reach record highs this year1 after a sharp rebound following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Process Optimization

Ethanol and benzene extractive distillation simulation on DWSIM utilizing p-xylene as solvent
Facility for Rare Isotope Beams, Michigan State University: Laturkar, K.
Validation Associates LLC: Laturkar, K.

Ethanol and benzene extractive distillation simulation on DWSIM utilizing p-xylene as solvent

Carbon Capture/CO2 Mitigation

Direction of cost-effective carbon capture and storage technologies
Saudi Aramco: Al-Qahtani, A.  |  Al-Sanad, A.  |  Mulgundmath, V.

Around the world, many nations and companies are transitioning toward the decarbonization of energy.

Plant Design, Engineering, Construction and Commissioning

Tune engineering teams in innovative green development projects

The energy sector is executing demanding projects to make LNG plants and refineries greener, and to implement completely new green energy solutions.

Digital Technology

Safe digitization down to the field level
HIMA: Ditting, S.

Ethernet-APL (advanced physical layer) brings the benefits of digital communication to harsh environments of the process industry at the field level.

Process Control, Instrumentation and Automation

Process control in the process industry
Contributing Author: Sharma, A.

In this age of automation, process control in the process industries is essential.

Advancing the feature sets of field instruments to improve connectivity, diagnostics and user-friendliness
Emerson: Wiens, M.

Anyone observing process industries these days recognizes that they are very competitive.

Maintenance and Reliability

Reimagining reliability analytics

The hypothesis that diversity among teams increases effectiveness is well-researched and published.<sup>1</sup>

Valves, Pumps and Turbomachinery

Calculate realistic control valve pressure drop by rules-of-thumb method
Sazeh Engineering Consultants: Kalatjari, H. R.  |  Hashemi, M.

Pressure drop is defined as the difference in pressure between two points of a fluid-carrying network.

Business Trends: Tier 3 gasoline production: The value of flexibility in volatile fuel markets
Hoekstra Trading: Hoekstra, G.
Petrobras: Da Silva, M. W.
Valuation Risk & Strategy LLC: Murphy, T.

Despite the forecasted trend of declining demand for transportation fuels, many markets still depend heavily on these crude oil derivatives to sustain economic activity.

Global Project Data
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Nichols, Lee

According to Gulf Energy Information’s Global Energy Infrastructure database, the Asia-Pacific region continues to lead in active projects in the hydrocarbon processing industry.

Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Rhodes, Mike

Flowserve Corp., a leading provider of flow control products and services for the global infrastructure markets, has released its SIHI® Boost UltraPLUS dry-running vacuum pump.

Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Rhodes, Mike

ITT names Fernando Roland as President of Industrial Process business